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June 12, 2009

Big things are going on. Chewbacca big. Tomorrow marks the first month that this page has existed. There have been a little under 1000 viewers of the site, and considering that I have no financial backing, or support of any kind on this website I’m happy with that. This month I will be more diligent with my posting, and my writing will continue to get better as I find the right lack of sleep: beer ratio.

In the next few days I will be rolling out guest writers. Depending on how they do, they will be added to the site full-time, killed, or I will spin them off onto a new site. Don’t worry though, this site will keep it’s essence as I will not be afraid to wield the editing hammer on the other writers.

As another aside, I starting next week will be Contributing to other sites starting with Hail Mary Jane, so yay for me I guess.. oh and you.

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