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InFamous: Fastest selling new IP

June 12, 2009

InFamous became the fastest selling NEW exclusive ip for the PS3. Developed by Sucker Punch studios, who created the Sly Cooper series, the game was released ahead of schedule on May 26. InFamous sold 176,000 copies in it’s first week, which is now the gold standard for new exclusive ip.
For comparison Little Big Planet sold 110,000 it’s first week, and Uncharted sold 32,000 in it’s first week.

To compare to the big dogs, ie. established exclusive ip, InFamous would have had to sell upwards of 400K like Metal Gear Solid 4 did.

InFamous is still currently tracking 90%+ ratings at most game sites, and although I have not finished it yet I highly reccommend if nothing else downloading the demo and/or renting it.

[PS3 Center via @gamersdaily]

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