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Conan’s new set

June 6, 2009

Some of you may have heard the buzz going around these days. Conan’s new art-deco stage area looks like it was taken from a series of Super Mario Bros levels. Conan says, “There’s no way you could ever see Super Mario Bros. in this set”.
Asked by Kotaku, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said “That’s great,” adding “We know that he is a fan of what we do, and we’re thrilled to have him as a passionate Nintendo fan. Maybe we’ll have to go play some Wii Sports Resort as well as Super Mario Bros Wii.”
“So, no cease and desist,?” Kotaku asks.
“No. For Conan, we’ll let that one slide,”

See for yourself.

God Conan is awesome.

via [Kotaku]

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