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Freak Athelete

May 28, 2009

Well it’s May, so you know what that means. Yeah that’s fucking right, it’s less than 4 months until the NFL starts and we get to wonder which franchise quarterback goes down with a freak injury. This year your leading contenders are Brit Farve, Donovan McNabb, and well just for fun’s sake let’s go with the golden-boy Tom Brady.

The fall also means College football as well. This is not as great, as you’re not as likely to wish a surprise death on an opposing team player. Yes I understand that college rivalries are very intense, but unless you’re down in Alabama, the death wish isn’t as likely. With that being said, 17 year old High School Junior Dakota Royer just did something to potentially raise his promising profile.(He’s about the 15th ranked OLB prospect in the country)

What he did was jump out of a 4 foot pool…full of water. I can barely jump into a 4 foot pool full of water, let alone jump out of one. Good God, kids get good steroids healthy breakfasts and exercise these days.

Via [Black Shoe Diaries]

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